COVID-19 Guidelines and Procedures

“Due to an executive order issued by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, any scheduled gatherings of more than 100 people in attendance must adhere to the use of face coverings (masks, shields, helmets, etc.). Face coverings must be worn when at the registration building, inside any NHMS owned building (bathrooms), at participant meetings (drivers/media meetings) , or in any place that social distancing is not possible (in the pits while not with members of your household, ride-alongs).”

Registration and Parking:
-Registration will be online only. Drivers list will be given to NHMS 24 hours prior to event and only names on the list will be allowed to enter NHMS gate.

-Spectators will be at limited capacity. DO NOT invite your entire extended family to come watch. Please bring a friend or two, take videos, and we will have plenty of media coverage for photos.

-Parking will be in the lower lot or along the back fence in the upper parking lot only and must leave 2 spaces between each vehicle to allow for proper social distancing. NO parking alongside the restrooms or wall, along the course.

-General social distancing protocols should be followed.

-Pit area must be kept clean of all trash.



-Drivers will line up at designated tech station and stay in cars while waiting to be tech’d.

-Drivers will perform self-tech with supervision of assigned NEDCo station worker.

-Station worker should wear gloves and maintain current social distancing practices.

Driver Meetings:
-Driver meetings will be held separately for each group to keep the amount of people in one area low.

-Social distancing (6ft) must be maintained at each driver meeting

-Masks are MANDATORY!

-A megaphone or P.A. system will be used to make sure everyone can hear the driver’s meeting.

Tire Machine:
-Tire machine will have disinfectant and sanitizer provided by NEDCo to clean and wipe down equipment after each use.

-Users must maintain a 6ft minimum distance while waiting for use of the machine and wipe down and clean the area when done.

-No tires can be left behind.

On Course:
-When lined up in grid, drivers must stay in car.

-Only 1 Grid worker will be at the start line at a time.

-If a vehicle becomes immobile on course, driver must stay inside vehicle unless on fire or in immediate danger. Tow vehicle will hook up and remove vehicle from course.

-Course workers will wear gloves to reduce cross contamination.

-Camping rules and guidelines pending NHMS requirements

General Operations:
-Six feet of space should be kept between individuals for the entirety of the event, except in cases of participants that are part of the same household.

-Staff may need to “gently” reinforce this requirement throughout the event

-Anyone who continues to ignore social distancing procedures even after staff input may need to be asked to leave.

All rules and guidelines will be posted in the NEDCo Drivers Lobby Facebook page