Spring Break! 5/19(2019)

Drop those pencils, tear up those notebooks, its SPRING BREAK!!! Avoid the crowded beaches and juiced up meat heads and strap in, because we return for our second event of the season at NHMS. Lets have some fun in the sun, burn some tires, and party like we’re on MTV….Clothing required…

Event Details

Gate Opens- 7:00 am
Tech- 7:30-8:30 am 
Drivers Meeting- 8:30-9 am
Track goes live- 9 am

Drivers meetings are mandatory. You must attend the drivers meeting before you can get out on the course. This is for your safety and it goes for everyone. Make sure your car passes tech. If you fail, you will have until the end of the day to make it pass, but you will not be issues a full refund. Please read our Rulebook here.

Spectators and Ride-Alongs

Spectator wrist bands are $20 at the NHMS front gate. Ride alongs are 100% FREE! We will never charge you to enjoy drifting with your friends and family. HOWEVER, Drivers are responsible for the people they put in their cars! Passengers are responsible for bringing their own SA-rated helmet or borrowing one from a driver. We currently do not have any helmets to lend out.


Pre-registration is $100, $125 at the gate if not Pre-registered

Please fill out the form below. Once completed, you will be directed to purchase your Driver Entry Pass

PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! You can still register at the track on Sunday! Please contact us via Facebook if you have any questions.